What is Front Porch Fiction?

Years ago, my family and I were driving through the backroads of Kentucky on a brisk autumn day in the company of some friends. Somewhere along a winding road in the middle of nowhere, we passed a group of people sitting on their front porch watching the street. We assumed they were watching traffic--not that there was much of it--but later, I realized they weren't staring blankly at the cars whizzing by. They were watching people, and the goings on in their little town.

Watching life in small towns, whether real or fictional, is what Front Porch Fiction is all about. But that's not all. The front porch is also the place friends and neighbors chat when they drop off food or borrow some desperately needed chocolate. 

So pull up a chair, or just sit in your car, and we'll share a little bit of life in our small towns. And expect a few friends to pop in every now and then.