Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deadly Decision by Regina Smeltzer

In Deadly Decision, South Carolina author, Regina Smeltzer, touches on supernatural forces some Christians prefer to ignore while others take a personal interest in it. I'm in the middle of reading it now, and I have to say Regina does a good job of both telling and showing evil. So much so, the faint of heart (raises hand and readily admits it) will want to read this well-crafted novel during the day.

I asked Regina what prompted the story. She replied, "For many Christians, paranormal events are a source of entertainment. They see little harm in the experiences, even though the Bible tells us to flee from such activities. My goal in writing Deadly Decision is to create fiction that is entertaining, but shares the dangers of straying from God’s guidance. Satan is the great imitator and can disguise his devious maneuvers to look non-threatening and even spiritual at times. God can do anything, and if a Christian experiences a supernatural event, God’s explanation must be sought."

About Regina:

I love the diversity God created. I love the unusual, the unexpected, and ALWAYS cheer for the underdog! My favorite experiences include riding a runaway camel in Egypt and catching camen in the Amazon. 

I wrote my first story in grade school for my friends, and had my first short story published in a Christian teen magazine at age fifteen. After graduating from college and earning my RN, life was filled with marriage, four children (one homemade, and three foreign-born), and all that comes with a family. During those years I created puppet shows for VBS, and holiday dramas.

Professionally, I returned to college and earned a Master of Science in Nursing. My nursing career has taken me from pediatrics to geriatrics, emergency room to hospice. During the career years my writing focused on the technical; developing protocols, writing grants, and creating workshops.

My fiction writing focuses on entertainment that has the potential to lead the reader to a stronger Christian walk.

You can find Regina at

Bill Iver visits his daughter at her new historical home in South Carolina and sees two ghosts in her attic. Could one be the young boy that recently went missing? And why is he with a boy in 18th Century garb? As a Christian Bill doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the Bible often mentions spirits. Is God trying to tell him something, or is Satan trying to destroy him?