Friday, June 14, 2013

New Novel by Mary Alice Monroe

My poor blogs languish these days waiting for attention. After more than five years of blogging weekly on Carolina Towns and Trails, I find I'm now posting on a need-to-blog basis, but I'm happy to log on for a good cause and today, I have one.

Two of my favorite Southern Fiction novels (which also falls under Front Porch Fiction in my book) are The Beach House and Sweetgrass, both written by Mary Alice Monroe. I love the stories and the way Ms. Monroe weaves in details of the South Carolina Lowcountry--a state and region I'm passionate about--and issues affecting vital natural resources.

Ms. Monroe is about to release another Lowcountry novel, and I have a particular interest in this because it somewhat mirrors my own life. In The Summer Girls "three half sisters scattered across the country" travel to Sullivan Island for a summer than changes their lives.

The book has yet to be released, so I can't offer a review at this time, however, as indicated, I have a high interest in this novel and not merely for the reasons I mentioned earlier. At the age of thirty, I met two half sisters I'd only recently learned about. Knowing the difficulties in our relationships over the years and our efforts to bond at our beach--Pensacola--I've lived the bittersweetness Ms. Monroe's characters surely endure. Our story has yet to find a happily ever after, but Ms. Monroe's novel will be available on June 25th, so you can read about theirs.