Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beach House Memories by Mary Alice Monroe

I have been remiss in my duties as hostess of Front Porch Fiction. I failed to report the release of a novel by South Carolina author, Mary Alice Monroe.

Beach House Memories is the prequel to Ms. Monroe's popular Beach House, a novel that transported me to the Lowcountry shortly after we moved to South Carolina, and to the shores of the Isle of Palms even before I knew where the island was located. The story of Cara Rutledge returning to the island in the midst of a personal crisis and finding the sand and sea air does more than call the heart home resonated with me. I not only got lost in the story about Lovie, a woman trying to reconnect with her resentful daughter, but I learned about the Lowcountry's part in keeping alive endangered sea turtles. An interest that remains with me today thanks to this novel.

Beach House Memories isn't a retelling of that story. Instead, it takes us back several decades to the events that eventually lead to Cara's departure and the secrets that unfold in Beach House. And knowing Mary Alice Monroe's stories, I'm sure it will transport the reader to the sand dunes and velvety air of the Lowcountry.