Monday, January 2, 2012

Preparing for the Genesis

I said we'd talk the Genesis contest after the holidays, so talk Genesis we will. I'm in the midst of preparing one of my own entries, so I'll keep this first post short.

When you're submitting your entry, follow directions.

Did your hungry eyes graze over that searching for something meatier? Then you need to go back and read that again.

Follow directions. Read them, digest them, and then when you submit your entry, read them again, one by one and make sure you follow those instructions. Don't hope your story is so great, the judges will overlook a few transgressions. They won't. If the directions say don't end the last page in the middle of a sentence, don't. If the directions say don't send a .docx, don't. Following directions will be your first line of defense in the Genesis. Failing to follow them can result in lower scores, or, at the very worst, get you disqualified.

So, follow directions. Another reason to do so?

Because someone out there won't.

Next up: Presentation is Half the Battle!

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