Monday, October 17, 2011

Reading List: The Best of Me

The day of its release, I downloaded a sample copy of Nicholas Sparks' novel, The Best of Me, to my Kindle. There was a time when I would have rushed out to buy a hardback version of whatever he wrote. I stood in lines that wound around the shelves and out the door of The Open Book in Greenville, SC, and gleefully handed my treasure to Mr. Sparks for him to sign. I once permanently borrowed my daughter's paperback copy of The Rescue, and despite the telling, pages and pages of backstory, and the headhopping--all of which irritated me, though I had no idea what to call it at that time--I read it. Several times. The story sucked me in and it remains one of my favorite Sparks' novels.

I'm also a fan of A Bend in the Road and The Wedding, and enjoyed Nights in Rodanthe and True Believer despite the endings. My interest began to wane At First Sight. I skipped over a good portion of The Choice, refused to read Dear John when I figured out the end at the beginning, and despite the premise, I couldn't get into Lucky One. It took six months to read Last Song. Someone asked why I bothered. I had to. Steve's chapters were poignant, beautifully written, and resonated with me. I wish the story had been his and not Ronnie's.

Safe Haven came and went without catching my eye, and then The Best of Me popped on the radar. Instead of rushing out to purchase something I may end up giving away, I downloaded a sample copy.

And despite the telling and blocks of backstory, it sucked me in.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed, but I'll happily give it a chance. If it doesn't capture me, then I'll re-read The Rescue. It's been awhile.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why I included my cell phone in the photo above...Nicholas Sparks used it during that signing to wish my daughter a Happy Birthday. How cool is that?

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