Saturday, October 1, 2011

Link to an Interview with Alice Wisler

I wish I had started this blog before the release of Alice Wisler's A Wedding Invitation and not the day of. I met Alice via email during my years as Area Coordinator for ACFW and thought she was just darling. Then I met her in person. Guess what. She is darling.

Compelled by our acquaintance, not to mention the setting, I bought her third novel, Hatteras Girl, and quickly devoured it. Though written in first person present, or perhaps because of it, thanks to Alice's attention to detail and her ability to reach the recesses of the heart, the story popped off the page. And then I found a cookie recipe. The perfect ending.

A Wedding Invitation was officially released today. I've yet to purchase my copy, but will soon. Set, in part, in Winston-Salem, the story deals with a former missionary to the Philippines who is invited to a wedding and ends up crashing her own past. This, I have to see.

For more information, pop on over to the Giveaway Lady's blog to read an interview with Alice, or check out Alice's webpage at

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